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Well my day... my Monday... started out on the right foot. As soon as I got up, which was a little earlier than usual, Bobo couldn't hold it any longer. He wasn't whining anymore so than usual so I didn't think I had to rush him outside. See I live in an apartment with three dogs, and I have to walk them every day. I generally walk them as soon as I get up (I know, mistake, now they try to wake us up) but this is the way we've always done it. Bobo is my 15 year old dachshund. And as such, he can't hold it as well as he used to. I was putting on my shoes and I look over to see him squatting. *sigh* Thank god he pissed on the linoleum instead of the carpet. It's like pulling teeth trying to get that smell out of the carpet, ugn.

So I'm walking the dogs, absolutely enjoying the weather. See I'm in North Carolina, as anyone reading this probably already knows. Anyway, usually we're hitting uber hot, uber humidity this time of year. And I'm talking 100F with 100% humidity... and not raining. But lately it's been this gorgeous 85F with low humidity. It's -wonderful-. I sat down in the trans am with the top down and did some sketching outside. It was soooo very nice. Yesterday I got to see a 5 lined skink running across the lawn. If you've never seen them before, they have the most beautiful blue tails. Saturday I saw an absolutely huge Praying Mantis. This thing was like 6 inches long. Usually the ones we've seen around here were only about 3 inches long, max.

And the weather helped since we had to fix the Caprice's timing chain. Okay Bow had to fix the timing chain, I just stood there and watched. But thankfully it was nice and cool.

Anyway, now I need to do some real "Work" for work, draw up BT, draw Issac as a moose for BT donators, and then work on and find some nice tutorials to post on fantasywildlife

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