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  • Sun, 17:57: So Kaerwyn's Webcomic main site had to be reset. I'm thinking about switching from Wordpress/comicpress. Any alternative suggestions?
  • Sun, 18:36: I just found @grawlixcomix ( https://t.co/nX77lK2P5B ) as a hosting solution for Kaerwyn's comic, so I'm going to try giving that a go!
  • Sun, 19:10: I just had to set up a quest in VGO where you get turned into a rat. I can't even escape TF stuff on Vanguard!
  • Sun, 21:42: So far @grawlixcomix has made the easiest mass importer I've ever used for the 600+ Kaerwyn pages. Thank you for making it FTP based!
  • Mon, 00:39: Kaerwyn's comic has 706 Pages. This doesn't include fillers & fluff pages. I just finished uploading in record time thanks to @grawlixcomix
  • Mon, 00:53: Now I just need to set up the site's appearance. This might take me longer than I have. I might put up some placeholders for now.
  • Mon, 00:56: OMG, this software has multi-theme ability. I can make a unique theme for every issue! How awesome is that!
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