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My little boy is sick :(

I know he's 15 years old, and I know his time is nigh. I just don't want to think about it actually coming to pass. In any case, it started with his pissing at the door, and it just degenerated from there. Tuesday night sometime he pissed in his cage. He started getting a little wobbly. That's not too uncommon for him though. I washed his blankets and his bed. Wednesday night he pissed in his cage again. I haven't been able to wash his blankies since then, so I put them in a garbage bag. I'll wash them sometime Friday. Today he was very wobbly. He kept falling over, back left leg first. I'm starting to believe that he's got arthritis in that leg. He's shaking something awful. He doesn't have a fever, and he's still got an appitite. He's also still wandering the house as always, and whenever I take him outside he tries to trot around like nothing is wrong (until some kind of pain hits him). In the past when he's gotten really sick (Slipped disc and bladder infection) he wouldn't move, he refused to eat or drink, and he panted like mad from being stressed or hot (Bobo being a dachshund usually doesn't pant at all, he loves the heat so he's always -cold-.)

In any case, I went to Petsmart today and bought him a diaper and diaper pads. He's old and incontinent, what can I say? The diaper makes it even more difficult for him to walk. After putting on the diaper I realized he's holding his leg funny. He's still walking on it, but he's also walking a little funny. I realized his back left leg looks really stiff, and when he's just 'standing there' he's holding his heels very close to the ground, almost like he's walking plantagrade.

So I looked up some info online and found that Acetamenaphin (Tylenol) is "okay" to give to dogs (Some have complications, but it was all I had that IS safe on some level for pain killing). I gave Bobo 1/4 teaspoon, seeing how he's 12lbs. Since then he's stopped trembling as much, he's actually sleeping well, and the one time he did get up, he was trotting just fine to his food dish. Arthritis? Most likely. I'll probably take him to the vet tomorrow unless he shows signs that he's feeling better. Either way I'm going to take the advice of other vets, including my own, and pick up some children's chewable aspirin.

In other news, I was working a little more on that werewolf transformation animation. Just a few more frames and the preliminary color/shading is done! I really want it to look spiffy, so I'll -have- to work on cleaning it up and making it smooth at some point.

I also got a little free time while I was waiting for Bow to go to bed last night, so I made this:

Isn't Danepuppy adorable? I might use that as my DA avatar soon.

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