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The Bobo Update

Thanks for all the kind comments guys. I didn't take Bobo to the vet today, he was still weak and wobbly but he looked a little better. I figured he was pulling out of it. He wasn't shaking nearly as bad and he felt much cooler, so maybe he did have a fever, but not enough to make him pant like he usually does. In any case, I think that tylenol last night helped to reduce his fever and take some of his pain away. Earlier today when I let him walk outside, I knew he was better when he trotted up to me and wagged his tail. Later I went to the store and got him some childrens chewable aspirin. I only gave him one pill before he was running around and trying to play with the other dogs. When I had to do laundry I came back to find him barking and throwing a fit to get out of his cage (Like he -always- does). Earlier in the week when I left him in his cage he'd just lay there. It was really sad. But now he's better!

In other news I've decided that Fridays are for me. I spend every other day of the week working on either BT or something for someone else. While BT is mine, it's also constraining. If I don't get a chance to work on something *I* want to do for *fun* then I have a hard time working on *anything* at all. I'm just screwy like that. So anyway, I've dedicated Fridays to this daunting task. Currently I'm working on a painting of two wolves for bowtie's welpday birthday.

And this is why Stem Cell Research is important: http://www.wral.com/health/3653078/detail.html I find this fascinating because I know a lot of people, including some in my family, that suffer from diabetes. Thankfully the Brits are doing the right thing and moving forward on stem cell research. Too bad we're going to fall behind in that field, but eh, at least someone is doing it. Psst, Kerry supports stem cell research.

As far as politics goes, it's really amazing how many people, who have VERY strong, and loud opinions, really have no idea what's going on, or how anything works. It's somewhat scary, but not really a surprise. And I'm talking about both Bush-bashers and Kerry-bashers. Some of you guys would likely find it surprising that I had to defend Bush on a forum recently because they were taking potshots at his intelligence without anything concrete to back them up. I'm not in this to insult the other guy, though I like throwing in my occasional cheap shot, but I'm mostly in this based on the -facts- that most people ignore. The very fact that Bush is touting how great the economy is while the FACTS, the unbiased, completely analytical facts, state otherwise indicates to me that he's not a good choice to keep in office. The arrogant, who see nothing wrong with the way things are, cannot ever hope to improve them. I don't think Kerry is the USA's #1 perfect pres, no one is, no one ever will be. But Kerry's promises hold much more worth than Bush's lies. Sure, Kerry might fuck up while in office, he might go against what he's said, but he cannot possibly damage this country any worse than President Bush has in the past four years, and I state this based on -facts- not opinions.

So those of you running your mouths about how people don't know what's going on with politics need to go out and get your facts straight before you start bashing the other guy. Makes you look more childish than the candidates themselves.

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