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Rather uneventful Monday. Yay. Bobo is doing better, I haven't had to give him anymore aspirin since that first day I got it. I still take him out once every few hours to piss, just incase. He's a master of escape, and keeps getting out of his diaper. I think it's because he's a dachshund, you know, short legs and all. That makes it easier for him to squirm out of it. And anyone with dachshunds can tell you, they are godlike squirmers.

Well, when I went to walk the dogs tonight, I saw this in the corner of my eye:

And I was just like "Holy shit." That's a wolf spider, that's my hand, holding the dollar bill right next to the spider so you can see how big it is. Normally they don't get to be bigger than a quarter, maybe a 50¢ piece. But this one was the largest one I've ever seen. I know they can get bigger, but damn, I didn't expect it to be right outside my door. Bow says he wants to keep it for a pet, but I know exactly what would happen to it. You see our other dog Midnite has a fascination with wolfspiders, she likes ripping off the legs and then watching it twitch. She's horrible. I know that wouldn't last long, ha.

This weekend was okay. We had some problems with a drunken roomie of ours, as usual. This time he did some really stupid things. The problem is, he doesn't think he's drunk when he's obviously drunk off his ass. That gives him a sort of self confidence that someone like him doesn't need. After annoying the hell out of Bow and myself, he went outside to 'smoke.' Well to get his smokes, he apparently had to go to the office which is about a quarter, half mile from our apartment. So what's his great idea? On the way back here, he drove a company vehicle. Yep. Drove. After drinking 375ml of 80 proof whiskey AND 375ml of 30 proof Hpnotiq, he drove the Focus home. We go outside after a while cuz we were worried about him. There he is on the bench smoking away. Across from him, the Focus that wasn't there earlier in the night. We ask how it go there, his answer "I don't know." I'm not sure what's more appaling, the fact that he lied to us, or the fact that he might not have remembered. Either way, when we went back in and he was done with the smoke, he drove the car back (After we yelled at him) to the office. Bow picked his drunk ass up to make sure he didn't try to drive it back. Idiot. He always said the one thing he'd never ever ever do is drive while drunk. Liar.

Other than our alcoholic roomie, we went to the Fresh Market Saturday and picked up some ubersteaks. I mean check out this bad boy here:

That is a damn fine looking steak, wouldn't you say? Tasted great too. If you guys have a Fresh Market (That's the name of the chain) near you, go get one now. They're pricey though, these were about $20 each. But it's well well worth it!

All for now.

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