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  • Thu, 16:57: Studying my notes for where I left off on Black Tapestries Issue 20. Gearing up to make the next page for Patrons.
  • Thu, 17:39: The next Black Tapestries page is brought to you by: https://t.co/R0rT79zVpE
  • Thu, 18:41: Next Black Tapestries page has been sketched. That's the hardest part done.
  • Thu, 18:47: When I see something called GEOSTORM trending, I'm like, oh god, not this again. https://t.co/VQNZjENCJM
  • Thu, 21:54: Many thanks to my Patreon patrons who made this possible. The next Black Tapestries page has been posted: https://t.co/xaPOHAnMXi
  • Thu, 22:14: Sorry folks, I Just lost a big subscriber on Patreon. It's under the BT goal again. So you'll get one for July, but the future is uncertain
  • Thu, 23:11: I couldn't remember the word broth, when @AsSeenOnIRC asked me if we had everything for dinner, I said I wasn't sure about the chicken water
  • Thu, 23:22: Doobie hurt his foot. Looks like he's been chewing on it, and it's a little swollen. No obvious injury. Going to keep an eye on it
  • Fri, 01:00: RT @Quinnae_Moon: Again, it's really striking how the CNN Blackmail nonsense is being conducted almost exactly like Gamer Gate was.
  • Fri, 02:39: RT @wesalanweber: i walk a lonely road the only one that i have ever known https://t.co/ZlDBehlcdy
  • Fri, 04:33: Good news, my Patreon has bounced back up to the BT goal! Let's hope it stays there.
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