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  • Fri, 14:58: Sadly, @Voltron season 3 didn't go live until after I went to bed. I won't be able to watch til later :(
  • Fri, 19:22: At the vet now. Doobie is getting his shots. He's whining now. Poor little guy.
  • Fri, 19:46: Doobie gained 2 pounds since his last physical but is otherwise in great shape. He also gave the poor vet techs hell, they had to muzzle him
  • Sat, 02:51: Yep. I'm going to have to make one of these -> Giant Molten Chocolate Cake https://t.co/dzQnjIMgjw
  • Sat, 05:49: Voltron made me cringe in Episode 1 of Season 3 ... They did the fucking Naruto run. Whhhhyyyyyy.
  • Sat, 05:52: RT @prinzcake: don't say you didn't see this coming https://t.co/mGYqpgt3Xa
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