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Yoinked from atmanryu

Webcomic Artists Survey Galore
What's your comic's name?Black Tapestries
Comic's link:http://blacktapestries.keenspace.com
In short, what is it about?An Immortal Werefox's life
When/How the idea was born?Started out as a generic and random RP character
Tools you use to make it:Paper, Pencil, Pen, Marker and Photoshop
How many strips you've done so far?Uuhh.. over 400 pages
Define the style in your comic:I dunno, It's my own thing. It's not real comic worthy and it's a little more detailed than most strips. I'd say halfass Graphic Novel.
Is your comic for a general audience, or just for a particular group?I'd say it's for adults only given all the blood and the language
Which is more important: Killer graphics, or strong storytelling?Strong Story
Got a favorite comic (webcomic, newspaper, print, manga, etc.) artist? If so, who and why?I'd have to say that Shadowsmyst was my strongest inspiration.
Which is your most favorite character in the comic? Why?Well, Lorelei, she's the character that started it all.
Which is your LEAST favorite character in the comic? Why?Issac, he's the typical spoiled male jerk that ruins people's lives inadvertantly.
Recieved positive feedback from readers?Yes
Recieved hate mail?Hell yes.
According to your readers, which is your comic's strong point(s)?The Story
According to yourself, which is your comic's strong point(s)?Probably the Story
According to your readers, which area(s) do you need to improve/work on?The artwork, they hate it when I skip out on shifting scenes too.
According to yourself, which area(s) do you need to improve/work on?The transformation thing is getting way too cliche.
Got any future projects on mind once you're done with your current comic?Always.
Finally, got any words of advice to aspiring webcomic artists?Go for it, you never really know what you can do til you try.


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