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  • Thu, 15:03: Another bonus about Photoshop CC 2018, it doesn't constantly try to steal focus from other programs like 2017 did. Nice job, Adobe.
  • Thu, 15:58: RT @pjdoland: I love the names of these shady unlicensed Halloween costumes—particularly Katniss Everdeen as “Female Libertarian.” https://…
  • Thu, 23:34: RT @SeussIsLoose_: Trump isn't Hitler, Perhaps this is true. But actions speak loudly; It's about what you do. If you claim "both sides," A…
  • Fri, 00:01: Oh uh, trouble! https://t.co/90ApKBEo7r
  • Fri, 03:40: Folks this is why it's important to hire an artist. Cuz you get what you pay for. https://t.co/nq6hXajQuL
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    Sat, 16:14: Hey @ AskPayPal Can you ask your designers to make an invoice form that doesn't have the form elements bounce around when you're…

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    Fri, 03:59: Criticism is, itself, a skill that needs to be honed and practiced. Most "criticism" that wasn't asked for is just a shitty opinion…

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    Wed, 00:03: The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 18 now updating on Patreon! They will have an update schedule that is two weeks ahead of the public.…

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