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  • Sat, 14:51: I was supposed to go out of town today, but plans got changed last minute. Bleh.
  • Sat, 16:32: Setting up my new phone now. Pretty nice so far. Much smaller than my old one. But it fits in my pockets now.
  • Sat, 16:51: What's really going to fuck me up is the position of the power and volume buttons are switched from my old phone.
  • Sat, 17:09: Fingerprint scanner is the best thing ever.
  • Sat, 18:41: RT @JustJOSH_ingYa: Burger King just released one of the best anti-bullying PSAs I've ever seen https://t.co/0RV1JUvBd2
  • Sat, 19:48: RT @RVAwonk: Hey did you hear about the guy who set off a bomb in VA today & was charged with domestic terrorism? No..? You didn't? I won…
  • Sun, 00:05: Niixa is quite confused. https://t.co/2bvPhHS9MT
  • Sun, 05:30: RT @TheRickyDavila: Here's President Obama in 2014 showing how a real Leader speaks to & comforts the family of a fallen soldier. ❤️🇺🇸 http…
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