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Well it's not open YET but..

I thought I'd give you guys the connection info so you can at least come on and play around with it. Note, there are some bugs, but overall it runs well. It is VERY CONFUSING at first. I want to make that point clear. Learning how to upload and change your avatar pose is a pain in the ass, but once you're used to it, it's okay. It's not anything like you'd see on Wolfhome or DS. You'll also start out with a creepy baby shit colored monkey head as an avatar.

We do not have any public avatars available YET I'm working on uploading those to a site right now. You'll have to edit them in some graphics program (Paint, PSP, PS, Gimp, etc) as the program doesn't do that itself.

First things first, you need to DL the client. You get a free 30 day trial. After that you've gotta pay. Folks, this runs on Macs AND Windows. Those of you waiting for Mac clients for DS, well now you can actually join the fun. http://www.madwolfsw.com/manordwnld.html

Now unzip it or whatever macs do and run the proggy. (By the way, when you run it for the first time it's going to connect you to THEIR server.) Just ignore anyone that talks to you and follow these instructions.):

First go to Edit -> Preferences and Change your name
Then Go to File -> Open Connection Click "Add"
Put in the name "RealmScapes" and the server is manor://shifters.ath.cx

To change your stupid monkey face and color: There's two icons next to the word "Manor:" Near the bottom of the chat picture window thing. The first icon that looks like a monkey face is, well, the face editor thing. This is where the client is stupid. You have to choose one of those demented forms as your default avatar. Why? I don't know. Just pick one and change your color. Whatever color you pick, that'll also be your text bubble's color.

To change or upload avatar poses. The icon next to the monkey face icon, which some say looks like a treasure chest, others think it's a phone, I think it's a lever, whatever, click it and you'll have the prop editor. Everything you upload to the client is a "prop". Props can either be held, or worn as avatar poses. So yeah, you can still hold beanies and mysterious herbs that look like pot, and you can upload your own avatars. When you click on that Prop editor, to upload an avatar click "New" and then you can import. Remember you can only use jpgs or pngs. Any gif you have from another chat can easily be saved as a png in photoshop or whatever and it'll be transparent. Also remember that the avatar size is something like 132x132, I know, size sucks.

In order to make an avatar a prop, just save it as it is. If you want to make it an avatar pose you need to first hit the switch that says "Face" (it's under the clear button) and then save it. If you hit the ghost switch it'll make your pose semi-transparent. That's cool. Either way, if you want to wear it, it needs to be a face.

Then to put a pose on, click the naked button (That puts all any other poses or props you have out) and then double click the pose you want to use in the prop box. To make animations, you need to select the animation switch in the Prop Editor (It's under Ghost). Then you need to click, in order, the poses that you want to run together in the animation. It doesn't do animating very well, but at least it's there.

Once you're on, you're probably going to want to know where everyone else is. Anyone remember this problem in DS? Well these people thought ahead and solved it. Go to File -> Open Room List. It'll show you all the rooms and how many people are in them. Double click on a room to be teleported there. If you want to know specifically WHO is WHERE, go to File -> Open User List. Incidentally if you double click a user's name, it'll teleport you to them, if you single click on their name, you can "pm" them.

If you find that everyone in the room (except one) suddenly went transparent and your text is italicized, that means you accidentally PMed someone. That's what happens when you click on their avatar in the rooms. There's a link under the icons that says "Click here to stop whispering". Do that and everyone else should return to opaqueness.

That's all for now. If you have any problems, ask your fellow peers, I'm going to be too busy trying to find the old DS avatars for you guys to use to be of any assistance to you.

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