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  • Sun, 23:05: I just made my first bread bowl soup, with a recipe I just kind of made up (based on three others I knew). Turned out pretty good.
  • Sun, 23:12: Creamy Fontina cheese soup in a bread bowl. I can post the recipe. https://t.co/eKEGhVmXBM
  • Mon, 00:44: RT @BeauWillimon: Mueller is a Republican. Appointed FBI Dir by Bush. Made Special Counsel by your own DOJ. This isn't Dems. This is truth…
  • Mon, 00:50: Maybe they're right. We should deport those that are unamerican. Let's start with these guys. https://t.co/pCl7lMDIu3
  • Mon, 02:34: It's 45F outside right now. I have the windows cracked. The cool breeze is wonderful.
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    Tue, 15:19: RT @ Your_Pal_Billy: Damn, they're getting desperate https://t.co/E7KzDfBBL4 Tue, 16:44: RT @ blogTO: Embrace winter like…

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    Sun, 18:00: Finally happened. Copperhead in the yard. https://t.co/PqMY1tXB39

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    Sat, 20:56: @ snapchatsupport I need help with an account email issue. Sun, 00:02: 🐺The Realm of Kaerwyn has updated!🐺 Issue 17 Page 78…

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