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Hrm. Yerf.

Been thinking about applying to it. What pics would I use? Morning Trek definitely. I don't really have anything else yerf worthy that's "recent". Then again, I don't have much 'recent'. I would say the Princess of Makalu, But it only shows the heads, and they seem to want three full body shots.

I've thought about using Inner Demons but it's just a bod shot. I've also thought about some of BT's covers, but being they are covers, I don't know how well they'd work out.

But then I think "why do I need a yerf gallery" and that's where I stop thinking about applying, because I don't need one. Though it is nice to spread the work around a little.

Oh well, maybe someday I'll try and see if I can make the cut. (To be perfectly honest, I don't think I would).

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