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  • Mon, 15:33: RT @RedTRaccoon: Our country has become the reality TV show that gets cancelled after it's first season.
  • Mon, 19:41: RT @ParkerMolloy: She doesn't seem to get that having wealthy parents who LET HER LIVE RENT-FREE IN THEIR HOUSE IN HER LATE-20S makes her e…
  • Mon, 22:05: Going to take this one step further that if my commissioners or patrons did this to me, I would refund them right a… https://t.co/SwZIgfddU7
  • Tue, 00:06: RT @tedlieu: Dear @realDonaldTrump: I served on active duty in the US military to give people the right to clap when the President speaks,…
  • Tue, 01:32: Even though that tweet was funny (About firing Trump into the sun), it was fake. And I don't want to spread fake st… https://t.co/K1GV1AECDm
  • Tue, 02:55: RT @SenDuckworth: Thankfully, there are better quotes from better Republican Presidents. Here’s one from Theodore Roosevelt—a Republican wh…
  • Tue, 04:28: RT @jules_su: In case you’re keeping score at home: not applauding the President’s speech = treason spending a whole decade screaming tha…
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    Sat, 16:14: Hey @ AskPayPal Can you ask your designers to make an invoice form that doesn't have the form elements bounce around when you're…

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    Fri, 03:59: Criticism is, itself, a skill that needs to be honed and practiced. Most "criticism" that wasn't asked for is just a shitty opinion…

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    Wed, 00:03: The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 18 now updating on Patreon! They will have an update schedule that is two weeks ahead of the public.…

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