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Ant Antics and Dog Shaving

Well, today was somewhat eventful. First thing this morning, I walk the dogs, only to get stung about 7 or 8 times by ants. See when I walk them to do their business, I let Midnite go, so I can take Bobo farther down to do his business away from her (otherwise he tries to lick her piss). Disgusting I know, that's why I take Bobo well away from it. Anyway, Midnite apparently dragged the leash through an ant hill. So naturally I pick up the leash completely oblivious. Suddenly I felt a sting. Flicked it off. Felt another. Flicked it off. Felt one on my neck. Then I started getting a little worried and I didn't know WHERE these ants were coming from. I got a sting on my leg and then a few more on my hand. I grabbed Bobo and ran back to the apartment. Uath walked Trakker for me as I tried to figure out where the ants came from. I thought at first that they might have been on Bobo, but he sleeps in a cage next to our bed, and I -doubt- it was infested. But I checked anyway. Then I thought maybe I put him down on an ant hill, grazed the grassed and got the ants there. Then I looked back at where midnite was when I went outside a second time, sure enough, huge ant hill. Thankfully it was just little black ants and not fire ants. That would have sucked. They still sting, especially the one on my neck. But oh well.

Then It was time to shave Midnite. She's a collie mix, and we brush her regularly, but she -still- gets really bad tangles behind her ears, on her back legs/ass, and between her toes. So we just shave her down. That took 4 hours. In the meantime, Bow took the chrome off the truck. We've decided to put some body cladding on it, and fender flares to make it look less like an old man's truck and more like the 4x4 we -want- it to be. Bow ordered a new exhaust, tonneau cover and some other stuff for it. We're also looking into getting a lift kit. WEEEEE

Other than that, did the Laundry, went to walmart. A black widow was making a web on the outside of the laundry room. I found that a little weird, since windows supposedly hate light, and it was a well lit, and has a pretty good amount of foot traffic. Either way, I put a quick end to it's life. I try to avoid most spiders but in this case, it needed to die. I'm a hypocritical bitch when it comes to poisonous spiders.

S'all fer now.

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