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You know this whole mess with Northwolf (Northwolf, Northwolf.. Northwolf.. NORTHwOLF! :D) has got me thinking. Friends.. what are they? The people that act all nice to you and pretend to care about what you care about? No that's what Northwolf would have you believe. But enough of her.

First off, my live journal. This is where I post what I feel. Just as anyone else has to write to post what they feel in their journals. I don't need a group of people to agree with me before I post something, or to go after people that have attempted to offend me. Nope, I just post it here and let it end. This is not a community, it's my shithole. Don't like it? Don't read it.

But anyway, back to the point. I've had lots of people that wanted to be my friend. I don't know why, I don't care. Very few people do I consider "Friend". These are the people that are genuine. They'll listen to me, I'll listen to them. They'll bitch at me when I do something stupid, and I'll bitch at them when they do something stupid. Can you bitch at your friends without driving them off? If not, you should ask yourself why.

Everyone should be able to be perfectly honest with their friends, not kiss ass, suck up, and then bitch behind their backs. That's what we call "Middle school politics". And there is /far/ too much of that going on now a days.

Frankly I don't care who hates me. People have hated me since day one, and you get used to that kind of thing. Send me hate mail, post to my journal, see how much attention I give you. I don't care. Nothing you say to me means anything. Only what my /friends/ say means anything, because I know they're letting me know "how it is".

Fair weather friends, seen a lot of them. Just recently bitched about one. And goddamn, I'm sick of it. I've sat here and watched people try to be my friend, oh they're so nice, and then there they go, bitching behind my back. Just like a certain white fox that claimed we were "mean to her at the NC Howl." Oh yeah, we gave you money when you wasted it all on swords. We gave you food, and put up with your whining. Yep. We were mean. And like Norf, the reason she was banned from Kaerwyn, msging the users behind our backs trying to keep everyone from RPing with myself and Hypnos. Why? Cuz she couldn't be center of attention. What did I do? Gave her another chance. She screwed up again, gave her another chance. She apologized again, gave her another chance. There's my problem, I shouldn't have waited 10 months to bitch her out, I should have done it the first damn time. I knew she was bitching about me, and yet everytime she came to me for favors or advice, I was stupid enough to help her. So stupid, stupid stupid.. because each and every time I thought that just maybe, she'd learned. NOPE! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Shame shame on me... shame... for putting up and not bitching sooner.

So keep on bitchin' little girl, send your friends over here to tell me "what a bad person" I am. When you double cross them, they'll understand. And you will, oh yeah you will. What goes around comes around... and I know you bitch about them behind their backs. Let's see how well /they/ take it.

I have my friends. They're important to me. What they say and do means something to me. Not anyone else. And nothing else matters.

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