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New Artist Galleries?

Since I X-posted this on the fantasywildlife community, I decided not to spam people and put this in a cut. If you wish to reply, please do so to my post on FW so I have all the comments/suggestions in one place.

Howdy yall.

As some of you might know, and most of you don't, I've been tossing around the idea of starting my own public gallery servicing site; yanno like Yerf and VCL do. Except, well there are some major differences. The whole setup will be different, but I'm not going to get into that part now. The back end and site for this is in development now, and I plan on purchasing a hosting account after we've tested it on my site (Which you guys will be welcome to join just to help test).

Here's the thing that's really motivating me. I'm tired of galleries either being "Anthro Only" or "All things fantasy/sci-fi". There really isn't a gallery set up for people who are interested in the wide spectrum of animal related art. This is what I want to create, a gallery that's built around "animalistic" type art, not a certain grouping under that genre. One of the big key points of this would be human-like fantasy creatures (Such as centaurs, or Werecreatures in their human form) would be welcomed as much as any anthro. We will also be allowing some off topic art (like pics that have nothing to do with animals or fantasy creatures) but we do want the majority of what is uploaded to be animal related.

Now here's where you guys come into play. I want your suggestions. I want you to tell me what you like and hate about other galleries. Tell me about what you wish you had, or didn't have. Now, of course, this gallery isn't by default like the others, and I haven't told you guys what that is yet, so you'll probably suggest things that cannot happen with the setup, but that's fine. Just suggest it anyway. What I really need from you guys is to help me create some fair but still strict rules about the site. Because I have to pay for a hosting account, we will be limited in bandwidth and space, so not everyone can have an account. That means that artists will have to apply, much like Yerf, but I also don't want it to be as strict as Yerf. Eventually I want to host libraries (stories) as well as galleries (visual art).

Anyway I'll leave you guys with that. Please give me your feedback (even if it's just "That's a bad idea"). I need to work on some pics and the site design for this. Oh and for those of you who are members of WAG or recognize the name, this project will be replacing it, but we WILL still focus on helping people reach their artistic goals.

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