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Grey Day

Just to let everyone know, Friday October 1st is "Grey Day". There used to be a site with more information on it, but it looks like the movement has died recently. But I think it's important, so I'm mentioning it anyway. Grey Day is "Copyright Awareness Day". The way we participate on the internet is to take all of our pics and webpages and colors and everything else and remove them. Well that's not practical and that's probably why it died. But let's put a new spin on an old idea. Take your main webpage, and grey it out. Remove all the images and fancy formatting. Just put a grey background page with black text. Leave your regular information up, but mention somewhere that you're participating in Grey Day. I guess you can link back to this journal entry if you don't feel like explaining it yourself.

We make it go grey so we can show people how dreary the world would be without images, special formatting, colors, etc. We never really appreciate anything until it's taken away, and while this is only a temporary measure, it does help raise awareness. So if you're interested, consider grey for your site's main page on October 1st.

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