Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

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  • Mon, 14:36: OMG, sunlight! The sun still exists! It stopped raining!
  • Mon, 15:22: RT @LOLGOP: In summation: We're supposed to believe a president who lies 15 times a day about anything from crowd size to conspiracy agains…
  • Mon, 17:58: RT @WRAL: New story: Saturated SC bridge gives way as truck crosses https://t.co/S2XvLFh3kj #wral
  • Mon, 21:12: RT @PoliticsWolf: Why it matters when polling places are closed or moved & Republicans pass laws that increase the amount of time it takes…
  • Mon, 23:40: One of the reasons we want out of this apartment so bad are the constant intrusions by the apartment staff or peopl… https://t.co/U4oH1L4agi
Tags: #wral, twitter

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