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  • Wed, 13:43: So I've switched to using Invoices only for regular commissions . There's been an unexpected side bonus, I've notic… https://t.co/YgEdrQiIa4
  • Wed, 15:19: Local Jakkal is the best way to get a hold of the guy who was the guy who was the guy who was the guy who was the g… https://t.co/iO6l7uzSx0
  • Wed, 17:29: Doobie is staring out the window longingly. He doesn't know it, but in just a couple of months, he'll have his own… https://t.co/BE63p5JyYh
  • Thu, 01:53: RT @Coelasquid: protip 4 werewolf writers: When your character wolfs out, their limbs don't "bend in the wrong direction" they get longer a…
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