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My werewolf plaque finally came in! I ordered it mid-August, but lo and behold, the people that make it happen to be in Florida. Go figure. So all the hurricanes prevented it's delivery. Oh well, it was a very understandable delay. I'm glad it finally arrived, exactly one month after I was supposed to get it (I wish they would have at least refunded my shipping costs though).

Anyway, I bought the sword in 2002, and it's been in a box ever since. There was no place at the "old place" that had a strong enough wall to support the weight of the sword and a plaque. Yeah it was a trailer. Now that we're in an apartment I could actually start looking for a display, and I found that plaque. So yay, now I can show off Kastraedor (That's what I named it, it's design name is Luciendar) in all it's glory in an awesome cool display.

So here's some piccies!


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