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  • Sun, 15:51: RT @uxresearch: Me ten years ago, on seeing a poorly designed interface “Wow, what idiot designed this?” Me, today: “What constraints were…
  • Sun, 16:33: Well, I wanted to upload more pics today. But Kaerwyn's comic home site decided it wants attention - by breaking half the shit on it.
  • Sun, 18:07: Anytime I find out it's someone's birthday for a commission, I try to get it done early for them. https://t.co/uFYOiUNYDv
  • Sun, 23:26: I'm just having a terrible day with technology today. First the Kaerwyn comic site thing. Then on the way to get di… https://t.co/CgLuDyHuvx
  • Sun, 23:31: I'd give anything if @DeviantArt would let us turn off notes completely. Nothing good comes from them. It's almost… https://t.co/kKR38O3Mnd
  • Sun, 23:38: RT @TheOnion: Tornado Creeped Out By Man Who Keeps Following It In Truck And Filming It https://t.co/GHDLVl6s4s #OurAnnualYear2018 https://…
  • Mon, 00:07: RT @TeddiBarez: ‼️PSA‼️ If an artist is charging too low; TIP! If you can’t afford a commission; DONATE! If you can’t afford to donate; RE…
  • Mon, 04:56: Me setting up a t-shirt design: "Cool, looks great." Me setting up a t-shirt description: *blankness intensifies*
Tags: #ourannualyear2018, twitter

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