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Busy Busy Day

I got up at 1pm today. Now that might sound late, but considering we work nights, that was -very- early. We went to bed around 7am. Anyway, we got up early to go to Asheboro, NC, for two reasons. #1 they were having a charity car show, something we didn't want to miss, and #2, the NC Zoo (Which the charity funds were going towards). Well it started raining on the way to the show so everyone up and left 2 hours before it was supposed to be over. Assholes, so we missed the show, and Bow was bummed. But then we went to the zoo, and only had an hour and a half to look around the place. So the first place we start is the North America exhibit, and this was the first little guy we saw. He was sitting up on a 'doghouse' disguised as a tree, but as soon as we came up, he ran right up too us. Talk about werepoints! So I took some more photos.

Went to see the polar bears, they were hidden by the rocks. Saw some seals, puffins, other things we didn't really care about. Then we went to the bison/elk "plains". The elk was "in season" so the male was screaming like something out of Jurassic park. The bison were way on the other side of the plains as if to say "STFU ALREADY YOU STUPID ELK". I didn't take any pics of them.

So next was the Black Bear. He got up and came to us as far as he could too. At that point Bow and I figured that it must be our uberwere psychic projections we must look like the people that feed them. After the Black Bear, we saw the Grizzly Bear. Needless to say, he got up for no one.

So then we finally arrived to the one and only exhibit we went for. This one:

As you might know, the Red wolf is -extremely- endangered. It once lived all over the south east but now only lives in Alligator River State Park, NC and the Great Smokey Mountains (NC/TN). Both wild populations are the product of hard work by the Zoo staff and many others to bring this animal back from the brink of extinction. The red wolf looks a lot like a greywolf/coyote bastard child. I think they're adorable. Red Wolf is much like the greywolf in that it is name only. They range from anywhere between 'red', grey and even black. But above all else, theys cute.

Here's some other pics. In this one a kid was howling at the wolf to get his attention. If that isn't a WTF-ever look, I don't know what is.
This one was after I howled at them, and after the little kid left.

After that we kinda went through the desert/hot exhibit, saw some poisonous reptiles, some boids, ocelot, bats, yadda. Left that, saw some Zebra ass.

Then when we were done, we hit the gift shop, bought $60 worth of wolf stuff, eheh. I earn more werepoints!

So we left the zoo and on the way home, lo and behold, we found a car show, and Bow was much happy. We came home, I took a nap. And now I'm writing this.

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