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Just the facts Ma'am.

I just thought I'd make my obligatory 'unusual' post. Everyone gets those right? At least once a month it seems. Anyway to the point.

A lot of people think I'm a guy. I think it's a combination of my name, the net-caused ambiguity, and my attitude. I myself used to assume that everyone I met online was a guy until I was told otherwise. I guess I should tell otherwise. I'm a chick, indeedy. I have boobs and child bearin' hips. I'm still a dirty mouthed southern redneck.

Here's a pic of me from a few years ago incase you don't believe me: http://drakkolupen.com/stuff/pinkyrl.jpg
and another http://drakkolupen.com/stuff/618jakkalduh.JPG

So I hope that clears up some stuff :)

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