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Well we're supposed to be on vacation, cept we haven't left yet. We had some communication failures between our roomie, his boss, and our truck. We thought Uath would be going with us, we just had to wait til Tuesday (today) before he could leave. Turns out his boss wouldn't let him go at all, and he didn't tell us. He kinda led us to believe he could go, if we waited. So, since we thought we'd have to wait, we put a lift kit on the truck. Then we find out it needs shocks, cuz the lift kit was too high for the stock ones. We're still waiting on those shocks. In the meantime we're still scrubbing the 3m tape residue, since we took off that chrome crap on the bottom. We just now finished that. Now we need to do some touchups since the paint is bad where the chrome stuff was, and remove the shocks. The shocks are due in tomorrow, which were delayed something awful, we don't know why. Fate is apparently telling us not to go to the mountains. Joy.

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