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Another Political Ramble

So just skip over it folks, if you don't want to read it. But I don't feel like making a cut for it. I think it's funny that some Bushbackers think they're all the shit when it's obvious they haven't done any research at all. They just listen to the propaganda, and the bullshit. Folks you can't listen to any one source for information, they're all biased. You absolutely cannot listen to the candidates themselves, for one reason there is no law against blatant lying in campaign ads. So they can make up whatever the hell they want (and they have) and only the ignorant and stupid will buy it. And there's a lot of ignorant and stupid people in America.

Now, my rant isn't against Bush or Kerry this time, it's for their followers. There's a whole lotta hate and bitchiness getting tossed around. People think their guy is right and they're right for voting for their guy. In this game there is no right candidate, and no wrong candidate. There is merely the candidate that best reflects your thoughts. There's no such thing as the perfect candidate. If Bush shares your views, then fine, that's acceptable for you to vote for him. If you're voting for him because he's a good president, you then fall into the ignorant and stupid category as far as I'm concerned. Yes, that's a personal opinion, one that I've made based on facts, you know, those little things that many people forget and the candidates (especially Bush) don't want you to know. If you're not voting for Kerry because you're unsure of his ability to be president, then take a good long look at Bush's track record, and ask yourself "Can this guy be any worse?" If you honestly think Bush is the better option, then fine, that too is your opinion and you're titled to it. But don't dare try to tell me that he's a good president and he's done well for the country, the facts speak against you.

I'm sorry, I can't see it. I can't see how anyone who is keeping up with the facts and whatever nonbiased information they can find, will support Bush. I just can't see it, it's idiocy to me. It's like sticking your hand in a blender and turning it on, or trying to microwave biscuits. It just doesn't work.

But these people have made up their minds and there's nothing anyone can say against them. They think they're the shit, they think they're right, and they think their candidate is God's gift to the US. I'm just getting annoyed at these idiots who think they can logically support Bush. Just can't see it folks, just can't see it.

Oh and if you haven't, -> factcheck.org Save some face before you try to support your candidate. Learn the facts.

Oh yeah, I'm back from Vaycay. I'll post pics soon.

Btw, http://www.radioactivepanda.com

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