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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." -Franklin D. Roosevel

Over the past year, I felt my verve slipping away. It started out pretty slow, just small things really. I'd have a hard time posting my thoughts in RP sessions (which are really script writing sessions for the comics), then it turned into a lack of inspiration, and then my creative effort turned into a chain strapped to my leg connected to a chevy dump truck filled with negative thoughts and an creative sucking nothingness. Jeez that was an awful metaphor. Mental note, don't attempt creative writing again.

In any case, I've been drifting on, as far as creative endeavours goes. I felt like my effort was a heavy, maggot laden corpse I was dragging behind me. Most people probably wouldn't think that's a big deal, but you might as well be cutting off a limb for me. Art was my only 'out', and gave me a chance to do things as I see them. But it turned into my prison, because even though I had a total lack of inspiration, I still have 4 comics to work on. First it was Wayah that got dumped... then Kaerwyn, which I find highly inspiring. Then it was Crimson Fury, which is BT's sister comic. Then BT itself became infected, and that's -bad-. I even had to ask the operators of Kaerwyn what ideas they had for BT as I just couldn't think of any. So I'd drag BT on, day by day trying to figure out what to do. Meanwhile I had commissions building up and getting dragged around too. When I can't get creative, I cannot draw well enough to do commissions, and that's the -worst-. Poor Aayrick has been waiting 2 years for his commission, and I hope to have that done by the end of November. Sorry Aayrick :(

These last few issues of BT have helped. Issue 11, I really wanted a ghost ship in it, unfortunately I was still in the creative ditch with that one. Thankfully some friends helped pull me out of that. Issues 11, 12, and 13 are all linked, and now I'm totally revitalized and moving on. I now have 3 more issue ideas planned after this, and I actually feel like writing them all out. Wish I had the time to do that though. I've been able to RP again, and not just as a way to pass the time, but as a creative output that I enjoy and others enjoy participating in.

Tonight we went to the state fair. I've lived in NC all my life and I've never been. It was uber expensive, $8 to park, $6 per person to get in. We didn't ride any rides, cuz they were FAR too expensive, and they didn't have any "all day pass" things that would let you ride them as much as you wanted. No, you could buy 15 tickets for $10. Most of the good rides were 4-5 tickets. That translates to -> not worth it. With Carowinds, Bush Gardens, King's Dominion and Myrtle Beach so close, it really wasn't worth the price at all.

On the other hand, we wasted all our money on the midway games. First I saw a little dolphin plushie that was so cute, and they'd have to guess the age, weight, or birthmonth or some shit and if they got it wrong, we'd win. So Bow goes up, no one can ever guess his weight, and we won the dolphin. So moving on, we try out some more games that we have 0 skill in and waste our money. Then we come across a machine gun BB rifle thing that if you can completely shoot out a red star on a piece of paper you win the BIG prizes. Well they had a huge doberman that looked really cool that we wanted. So Bow spends at least $20, he got so close several times but there still specks of red on the card. So finally he does it, that takes skill considering those rifles are really inaccurate. So now we're walking around with a dolphin and this dobie that's the same size I am. Come up on another guess-your-weight things, Bow wins a plushie orca. Then we decide to head back, and we come across one of those squirt-the-water races. After several tries, Bow wins that, and we get a cool dragon plushie.

So overall we spent a shitload on a few plushes with a net worth of $10. But it was the experience that counts. Now, I need to make burgers with that whiskey glaze I posted previously.

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