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I'm still alive.

I was supposed to work on several websites today, but my mind was in one of those "Ha HA, I won't let you work on what you need to!" modes. When that happens, if I try to force myself to work on stuff, it comes out all horrible. Joy. For some reason my mind just can't work on websites until the day before they're due. It's like I'm automatically built for rushing and procrastination. The fact that I get them done and they look -nice- during the squeeze I put myself in is just a miracle in itself. So I'll likely end up busting my ass this weekend to get them done by Monday. I've also had a lingering headache off and on all day that's just making things that much more difficult. It's the kind of headache that only goes away when you sleep.

We're supposed to vote today, but Bow's not getting home til 8am or so (yeah works nights) and they close voting at 4pm. We might just have to wait til election day itself to vote. That'll suck ass. Even though our state is decidedly republican, I plan to vote anyway. So far our state (NC) has had a record turnout, I'm secretly hoping that all those 'unexpected kids' will vote for Kerry and turn this state democratic for the first time in 1976.

Okay so anyway, I couldn't work on what I -needed- to. So I worked on something for the BT 2005 Calendar, which I NEED to get done. Unfortunately everything I've done for it has turned into an uber detailed painting that takes several months to finish. So I tried a new approach with this one. Going for a sort of oil-painterly, impressionistic kinda thing. At least that was the idea, but my mind screws out and has to detail -everything-. That always gets me in trouble. So I ended up detailing the mountains when I shouldn't have. Hopefully it won't become any more detailed than it is.

Lorelei and Dakotah will be in the bottom left gazing at the "primary sunset" on the mountainside. The second Raekartan star will be above them. I decided to make this December because it's slightly reminiscent of Christmas... yanno the whole star of Bethlehem and travelling from afar and all that. That's Lore, my little drifter.

Anyway, here's what I have so far. Color Dodge rocks man. The initial inspiration was a painting a friend showed me. I couldn't read the signature on it, so I don't know who to credit. But they came up with the idea first, I just recognized the technique so I could make my own. That other person's is much better, I assure you.

Click for a larger version.

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