Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

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  • Sat, 15:19: RT @MorghusDragon: New TF comic! I just bought this hoodie, but there's still a tag on it. Gotta rip it off! Art by @JakkalWolf https://t.c…
  • Sat, 18:25: I just changed the width of my scrollbar in Firefox to 50px for the hell of it. I also changed the colors of it bec… https://t.co/jzay0ws4NX
  • Sun, 02:18: Just finished my first attempt at using polymer clay. Also my first time using painted cabochons for eyes. Going to… https://t.co/4u3l7YfH96
  • Sun, 02:44: RT @BoozyBadger: Reminder for tomorrow: “I do not consent to this interaction and want to see your warrant.” is a valid response to an ICE…
  • Sun, 02:53: RT @DonCheadle: could you repeat this everyday so people understand to whom they are surrendering when they say their vote doesn't matter?…
  • Sun, 04:16: RT @MorghusDragon: Ripping off the tag seems to have triggered the hoodie's magical powers! What comes next surely is no surprise for anyon…
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