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Well I voted today

We tried to go vote earlier but we couldn't make it before the 4pm deadlines and the waits were 1:30-2hrs. So we decided that no matter what, we were going to grin and bear standing in line for hours in the hot sun. Well there was no line. We went in, voted and left.

To many's dismay I didn't vote straight democratic ticket, HA. I told you I wasn't a loyal democrat.

Infact, where I could I voted straight female ticket. If there was a woman on the list, I don't care what their party affiliation was, I voted for 'em. One day I'd like to see a chick up in the white house. That would be nice to see before I die.

Now for my personal expectations: I know NC is going to go to Bush. I expect Bush to win the election. If anyone from other countries rips on me for being American with a crazy american president, I will remind them that I didn't vote for Bush.

I expect there to be a ton of disputes. And I hope the supreme court doesn't have to make the decision for us again. Afterall, we're grown ups, we don't act like it, but we are. We should be able to pick our own president without the high courts stepping in and making stupid mistakes for us.

That is all.

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