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Apparently some pussytard decided to play bigot because I said I voted straight female ticket. When, dearie, did I say I didn't look up the information on these people first? I decided to vote straight females after reading the information on each candidate in the 2004 Judicial Voter Guide and other resources available to voters. The reason I said it at all was based on idiots like you that think I'm a 100% pure loyal democrat. I would also like to say, at least I voted.

I can't believe people will look for any reason to bitch about someone else. God, grow up already. I would also like to state, that every female I voted for except for one (liberatian, and that poor party never gets a break) won with the majority vote. So you might think it was stupid of me to vote female ticket, but I think it's stupid of you to assume I didn't do my research first.

If you are using it as an example, that anyone that votes just because someone is female, or because someone's name is George, or because someone is a republicrat is an uninformed, potentially ignorant voter, then yes, I agree with you. If you think *I* did that, then you're an uninformed, potentially ignorant journal troller.

But the bitch is so blind I'm not surprized one bit that she can't see that simple fact.

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