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Werewolves love trucks!

For the first time in a long time, I had a werewolf dream last night. The really weird thing was, I had two resident evil-esque dreams last night as well. I'm not a big fan of Resident Evil, I've never seen the movies, I can't imagine why I'd have any dreams about it, let alone two. The first one, the only thing I remember is that I had to climb down the outside of a highrise to escape. The second one, was the werewolf one. I don't really remember much about it either, other than we trapped the zombies in a school cafeteria, and I was trying to get 'the group' to leave the building to escape. Well none of them would, cuz they didn't want to leave their stuff. So I tell them to help me move the crap out so they'll leave. So I'm outside packing up the truck, and when I go back inside, they're all gone. The door to the cafeteria was open and all the zombies were gone. I thought for sure they were eaten or whatever. I didn't have my gun, I didn't have any other weapons, I thought there was nothing I could do. Then the full moon (of all lame ass things) pops up and I suddenly shift into a brown werewolf. Now, when I have shifting dreams, I'm rarely 'anthro', so this was just even that much weirder. Well I run inside on all fours (which is the best part of werewolf dreams) and I find my friends are in the pool, because apparently these zombies can't cross water. The zombies left me alone so long as they thought I was evil too. So I jumped in the pool and pretended that I was attacking my friends, but really I was telling them who I was and what happened. In the dream I knew who these people were, but outside of the dream, I have no clue who they were. I don't even remember what they were like, they were just "friends" and apparently that's all that mattered. I told them I'd run the zombies off and got out of the pool, then the lead zombie guy (cuz all the games have one sentient being that seems like they're in charge of all the bullshit) tried to control me. I wasn't controlled at all by him, but I put up a good act, something like I've done in RP sessions before. I remember he was on my back and I was getting all tense n shit. At that point my dog woke me up. My back and arms were aching. I was either 'running' in my sleep (unlikely cuz I would have woken up Bow) or I was really tensing up from the shifting and the end part).

Either way, cool dreams. I think they came from my sinus meds, which usually won't let me sleep. But I was so tired when I went to bed that even the meds couldn't stop me.

In other news, we finally got nerf(step) bars for the truck. We NEED them with the 4" lift that's on it. Here's a pic of me leaning on the tailgate to really show how big it is now. That shirt makes me look fat :P

And here's the front and side:

All for now.

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