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Will it never end?


I love the way they state "Evolution is a theory, not a fact ... This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered."

Yet no one ever tells this pro-creationist idiots that they should ever "Critically consider" creationism. If they did, they wouldn't have much TO critically consider.

"I think the (evolution) theory is atheistic."

Hello, idiot, that's a GOOD THING in a science classroom. You're not supposed to project theories that have absolutely no scientific merits. If kids want to discuss creationism, that's fora DIFFERENT CLASS, like theology or even a christian science class. If people would stop taking the bible -literally- they'd see that the creation of life from god is a -metaphor-.

Approached with an open mind... There's nothing more close minded than forcing students to learn fictional theories in a scientific setting. I can't imagine anything more pretentious, arrogant, and idiotic than what's going on in our classrooms today.

Speaking of turkeys, I'll post those recipes sometime this weekend if I get time.

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