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  • Wed, 15:05: RT @levarburton: Good Morning, Y’all... I am thrilled to announce that this coming Friday, APRIL 3RD, I’ll be reading a selection from…
  • Wed, 15:33: RT @bffgame: 👏 IMPORTANT NEWS 👏 After careful games market research, we've heard you; 'games need more raccoons!!'. We've decided to pivo…
  • Wed, 16:11: RT @keithedwards: Omg who made this https://t.co/w5zrHJpWyN
  • Thu, 02:06: I feel like if Patreon really wanted to help creators, they would forgo the fees this month.
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    Sun, 14:39: RT @ HeatherAntos: It's #SignalBoostSunday Day!!! Creators step up to give your projects a signal boost and help pay it forward by…

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    Sat, 16:14: Hey @ AskPayPal Can you ask your designers to make an invoice form that doesn't have the form elements bounce around when you're…

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    Fri, 03:59: Criticism is, itself, a skill that needs to be honed and practiced. Most "criticism" that wasn't asked for is just a shitty opinion…

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