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Just about there...

Almost have Dakotah done for the June picture. He's turning out pretty nice.

Check it:

I also have a detail from the previous "progress shot" at http://drakkolupen.com/tutorials/painting/june7detail.jpg . That's the full size I'm working with by the way. I put very little effort into Dakotah himself, but for some reason I was compelled to put detail on the leather straps and the metal ring. Now I fear I will have to detail dakotah, but I don't think it's going to show up in the print so I'm not going to bother yet. As you can see in the smaller image, it doesn't really take away much. Feh. I'm not doing this to be lazy, I need to get these done by December 1st, and I've spent -far- too long on this one.

I started coloring Lorelei in the pic tonight as well, starting with the hair. I don't know why, but dynamic hair is becoming my bane. I think it's because of her haircolor, it's not natural at all. It's supposed to be a very golden yellow. But when I try to paint that it comes out looking dirty and nappy. While that is consistent with Lore's lifestyle, I'd like to be able to paint her without the nappy hair. Maybe after I rest up I'll have more luck with it.

I also came up with two more calendar pic ideas. Well three painting ideas, but only two for the calendar. The first one is Lore and Dane at a table in Dane's tavern. Dane is of course, Lore's "friend". Both of them kinda have feelings for each other. Anyway, The top of the painting would be a thought bubble that both of them are thinking about. It's Lore and Dane engaged in a tonguewrestling match. Wow that sounds so unromatic. Uh, they're deeply kissing, yeah. But it's just a thought, not really happening.

The second painting idea (not for the calendar) will be of a wendigo victimizing someone. I'd say wendigos are my favorite 'monster' in mythology. They just rock man.

The third idea... well I sketched it out. Lore finds out what I want to happen to her in Issue 13:

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