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Okay yeah, I'm excitedly awaiting Thursday so I can masticate one succulent young bird. But for now, I'm making chicken marsala. Yum.

Wonder how many people I've just pissed off cuz they read this when they're starving. Mwah.

I got nothing done this weekend like I shoulda. I need to get these BT calendar pics done, but what'd I do? I bought a old nintendo game. Okay "Old" is a relative term, as it came out a few years ago for the gamecube, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. I love racing games, and I got to play NFS in 1997 on a friend's computer. So I figured 'What the hell" since it was so cheap. I had so much fun playing it, both trying to get away from the cops in high speed chases, but also -being- the cop. What a fun fuckin' game!
The really thrilling part, and much to my surprise, my roomies loved it as well. We stayed up all night playing it (NBD for us, since we're on the 3rd shift schedule) but Uath isn't and despite being drunk he stayed up til 5am.

Oh yes, Uath being drunk. He drank nearly an entire bottle of Crown Royale. There's like a couple of shots left. Anyway, he was totally shitfaced but refused to go to bed cuz we were having so much fun with the game. We told him over and over again "Stop drinking" but he kept insisting that he was fine cuz he was "winning races". Right. So after he says he's fine, he passes out on the floor. Like snoring, the one thing he does that truly drives me over the edge. The last time he got this drunk and passed out on the couch, I beat him with one of the couch pillows til he got up and went to bed. This time I dumped out his drink and replaced it with what was mostly a Dr Pepper/Tabasco sause combination. I also put in some worchestershire and soy sauce for added charm. So I sit back down like nothing was wrong, waited a few minutes, and yelled out his name so the mofugger wakes up. Well, he does, and as predicted he immediately went for the glass. Now if he were sober, he would have -smelled- the god awful emanation from my vile concoction. But no, he sipped, sat there for a moment, then his eyes bugged out and he furrowed his brows a few times. Then he coughed a few times. It was great. He asked WTF, and I told him what I did. Well he was sure awake after that. So Bow wins a race or something, and Uath goes to chug the rest down (There wasn't much there) since he was still drunk. He grabs his throat and makes a horrible pained noise, cracking out a few "I forgot! I forgot!" Bow and I are literally ROTFL-ing. He falls to the ground, nearly falls asleep again, and then says "Did I drink Tabasco sauce" (This was after I told him what I put in it). We said yes, and after a few exchanges he finally went to bed.

Next day, Uath was so impressed with NFS that we went to Best Buy and bought NFS: Underground 2. We've been pretty much playing that non-stop. It's A LOT of fun, but the wiggerness of it is starting to wear on me. But I love driving down city streets going 145MPH. I was kind of disappointed when I discovered the natural lack of cops in the game. I figure since everyone is immortal and every car is indestructable, that "Bayview" City has no need for traffic cops.

So now I toil to get BT and BT Calendar pics done on time.

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