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  • Sun, 15:55: RT @_jackgrey: Edward Colston statue pulled down by BLM protesters in Bristol. Colston was a 17th century slave trader who has numerous lan…
  • Sun, 16:19: If you can't tell the difference between a candle and an IED, maybe you shouldn't be a cop. https://t.co/cM6UdFWvtD
  • Sun, 21:56: RT @wuooods: Hello my name is Firstname Bunchofnumbers and i have some incredibly shitty opinions
  • Sun, 22:03: RT @ACLUMN: BREAKING: Minneapolis City Council members have announced their intent to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and invest…
  • Sun, 22:06: RT @Vuhlandes: I can’t make this shit up.. comments on a photo i took of one of my black friend with a gun vs the comments on the photos I…
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