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  • Thu, 20:43: I'm thinking about getting a 3d printer. I haven't done any research on them. What do you guys recommend? What shou… https://t.co/DQspgW12hc
  • Thu, 20:45: RT @timburrs: i can say with certainty that nothing has ruined my mental health quite like the uninterrupted fatigue i feel from knowing i…
  • Thu, 22:39: RT @syrianbryn: I wear a mask and a face shield for 12 hours a day at work. If you can’t wear a mask for something as simple as going to t…
  • Fri, 00:02: 🐺The Realm of Kaerwyn has updated!🐺 Issue 16 Page 53 ⚔️Latest Page: https://t.co/kDVks6S0Rs ⚔️First Page:… https://t.co/ld1IASQiWk
  • Fri, 03:32: RT @HoarseWisperer: Concerned that some people with coronavirus might survive, Trump Admin takes steps to ensure they’ll at least be bankru…
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