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Productive Day

I really should be working on my comic right now, but I just don't feel like it. Go me. At least I got one comic page done today. I also applied to NCSU, finally, like I've been saying I will for the past few years. If I don't get into design, I've decided to major in Wildlife Management. That or I'm going to apply to UNC in art. Either way I need to get my ass back in school and I don't have time to pick and choose anymore. Art or Wildlife. Both I'm fine with. I'm not smart enough to go back into zoology. Wildlife management is more my thing. I wish I knew that before I went into zoology. My grades were pretty good back when I was younger, but I just couldn't keep my attention focused, and that's not good for anyone in the biological fields. I only took one course in Wildlife Management while I was in college, but I loved it. It's a far cry from my original loves (art, zoology, oceanography, meterology and geology) but I think it might actually fit the way my mind works. I love animals and the environment and I always strive for effeciency and better working systems. Wildlife management is actually more about managing humans with/around the environment than managing wildlife itself.

Bow also subscribed me to XM's new streaming internet service. Now I can listen to XM radio through their website. It's pretty cheap, if yall have been thinking about getting XM but don't want to pay for the radio setups, try this out. XM Rocks totally. They don't have the news stations on the webcast though, that's one thing I was looking forward to, but the music stations are just great.

I didn't call my parents today. I dunno why. I woke up kinda late. Eh, I'll hafta call 'em tomorrow.

Some friends on IRC have managed to convince me to do one of those radio rant things. Might hafta try it. I'll hafta wait for some irate furry to piss me off or something first though.

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