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The Drakkolupen Pic

I've decided to make a photoshop tutorial of sorts for WAG using this drakkolupen as my test subject. Here's a few "updates" I've made to it.

http://www.drakkolupen.com/stuff/drakkolupenIP2.jpg - Here I drew a new wing on a fresh sheet of paper and set it on top of the original drakkolupen. I had to manipuate it a little, and it still looks a little too small to be a realistic wing for this creature, but I didn't want to make the image, nor the wing, too large that it would cover up the rest of the body. This is basically to show how one can fix their images in PS without having to redraw and rescan.

http://www.drakkolupen.com/stuff/drakkolupenIP3.jpg - Here I have drawn a new back for the drakkolupen as the old wings are no longer there to "hide" it. I merged the new wing and the new back onto the sketch layer and then colored in the new wing. As you can see, I'm working the fur down. It's a lot of 1px paintbrush strokes and a lot of low level smudging to smooth it out.

That's all for now. More later.

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