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Okay, people with experience

I have a site that's supposed to be a large community resource site that hosts terms and their definitions, as well as a lot of essays and other information. This is about therianthropy by the by, shifters.org specifically.

I originally put it in PHPnuke, mistakeningly thinking the default software would allow users to post their own information (such as terms and essays and such). Nope, apparently it takes modifications to do that, something I never had time to look into.

I managed to get Postnuke working on my website briefly before the webhosts decided to turn on something called 'magic quotes', but that's a whole other story. From what I could tell, people could infact upload their own info. It also had much more administrative control and options. Other than that, it was a PHPnuke clone. I worry about the popularity of CMS's such as this, because they become hacker targets. SO was hacked once already because of a security hole in PHPnuke. Thankfully they didn't do anything.

I've also been thinking about using the same script that Wikipedia uses. Since this site has a lot of terms and essays, I thought maybe the Wiki way is the way to go. But I've never used it, and I'm unsure of how well it would work out.

So anyway, what's your experience for something like this that would be easier on me as an admin, and on our users for getting our "shit straight"?

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