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Tis the season of gettin.. I mean giving.

Hope yall had an enjoyable uh, whatever you celebrate (God I hate this PC crap).

Since everyone else is posting their Xmas haul, I figure I'll do the same.

Bow got, us collectively the 52" HDTV/Asteroid Smasher
He also got me a new set of pots. (Really needed those).
I got a new desk chair.
Filet Mignon for Xmas dinner.
I will probably use the money I got from Xmas to buy art supplies, and a microwave, cuz our current 10 year old one is dying. (Yet a TV came first, yes, we're typical Americans).

And the best thing evar. It snowed last night! I've never seen a white Xmas (That I recall anyway). This was a day late, but I think it counts. Three inches of Xmasy snow goodness.

It started snowing when I pulled out a mug of hot cocoa too. It was great :)

And the obligatory stupid meme thing:

Love by ruby mae
Your name
Your partner
You two areMeant for eachother
Your meeting was byFate
They are yourHero
You are theirBaby
Your love willBe the epitome of what true love is
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