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Like many others...

I've spent the past few days thinking about a variety of things, personal things mostly. A lot has happened over the past year, a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. Such is life. But "life" is mostly what I've been pondering the most.

As many of you reading this might know, I've had regularly occuring tsunami dreams since I was very young. I don't know what started them, I just know that I have at least one a month. Everytime I dream of the ocean, a tsunami is waiting for me. Sometimes I can stop them, sometimes I can run from them, sometimes I can wake up before anything happens. Usually they get me and that's how the dream ends.

Naturally I've been watching the video and been trying to keep up with the news about the tsunami, like many others. When I see the videos, I see my dreams playing out. I've never seen what a tsunami looks like before now, but they were identical to the giant waves I see in my dreams. I'm watching my dreams repeat on these videos. But unlike my dreams, these people do not wake up to a comfortable bed and a comfortable life, thinking everything is okay, "it's just a dream". Some of them won't ever wake up again.

I sat here and watched my fears playing out, fears that these people are living through, right now. I feel that it's almost selfish that through my stupid insignificant dreams, I feel their fear and their pain. When I see those videos, I'm reminded of how real my dreams are. One of my most recent tsunami dreams, the building we were in collapsed and we fell into the water, while still "in" the building. We were slowly drowning because there was no way out, and the building was slowly sinking, or the water was rising.

I have to wonder if people actually went through that. What a horrible, slow, torturous death.


It's almost 'just a number' at this point. Then I Think about 25,000 people. My university had 30,000 people. The soccer stadium seating capacity for the 2004 Olympic games was 34,000. 9/11 lost 3,000 people. The Titanic lost 1500 people. The Alfred P. Murrah building lost 169.

The Bam, Iran earthquake killed 25,000 last year on Christmas day.

We had four major hurricanes smack the Southwest Atlantic.

A hurricane was actually formed in the southern Atlantic ocean near Brazil.

Typhoon Tokage devastated Japan.

Japan and US hit by record number of hurricanes. Record number of Tornados in the US.

Wildfires running rampant in the US and Canada.

Heat Waves across Europe.

Ever get the feeling God is pissed?

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