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2005 Black Tapestries Calendar!

Just to let everyone know, the BT calendar is available for sale now! YAY, FINALLY! Just in time of the new year! I'll be the first in line to get one, that's for sure.

Now don't let the price shock you, consider this for a moment. The price you pay for the calendar is less than $2 a print. Even when 2005 is over you can proudly hang these pics on your wall as mini posters! Infact, that's what I've done with the old 2002 Calendar! These prints are on high quality 100lb gloss paper. The old prints I have from the 2002 calendar are still in perfect shape. So as a buyer of cafepress stuff myself, I can tell you first hand that you definitely get what you pay for!

I've also added some other stuff into the store incase you want to buy some other stuff (nudge nudge wink wink). There's also a single print version of the calendar with the cover image on it. It's a lot cheaper than the 12 image wall calendar. Don't forget the other BT stores as well, such as the "At least you're not human" posters and mugs 'n' stuff with the old BT logo on it. I'm sitting here wearing my BT Sweatshirt and BT ballcap as well, both over 2 years old. It's good stuff folks.

You can get the Calendar Here: http://www.cafepress.com/blacktapestries.15983895
You can look at the other stuff in the same store here: http://www.cafepress.com/blacktapestries
You can look at my other stores here: http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=btlogo

In addition to that, I've got an agent working for me at Conventions that I cannot attend, selling prints of my art. Yep, if you're going to furry cons, then you can probably pick up some prints from him, and they're very reasonably priced as well! Check out his site at: http://www.fuzzyimpressions.com/
I'm pretty sure he'll be at the following Cons:

Further Confusion

So if you want some prints, be sure to check his stuff out!

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