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Today was rather uneventful. I got up, walked the dogs. Then I heard this noise. At first I Thought it was just some kids playing. Then the longer I stood out there and listened to it, I realized it was a cat screaming out. I couldn't tell if it was just one cat or a few cats in a fight. I know it wasn't a cat in heat caterwauling, owning a female cat, I knew what that sounded like. It did sound like a scream of pain, working for a vet allowed me to experience that noise far too often.

After walking the dogs, I quickly went back outside to check on it, as my conscious wouldn't allow me to do nothing if an animal was in pain. We live near a four lane road, and there are lots of kids around. I wasn't sure if the cat was hit by a car and survived, or if kids did something awful to it. Either way, I couldn't stand the thought of an animal in pain when I could possibly help. Bow and Uath went outside with me, as they were curious as well.

Well, as we walked toward the noise, we found it was coming from the woods, not the road, and a pretty good ways into the woods as well. We could hear at least two other cats as well and we could hear the hissing and groaning and the other noises associated with pissed off cats, so we assumed that they were having a cat fight. While I still didn't like the fact that an animal was getting injured, I felt this was just something cats do as part of their nature and I shouldn't interfere lest I get attacked as well. I told Bow to shine the spotlight at the woods in hopes of scaring the cats apart. I don't think it worked.

I've been ignoring some of the therian forums for the past few days cuz I'm just sick of fighting constantly with some of the newbs there. The regulars and mods, thank god, are still doing their part to keep people straight. I'm getting tired of constantly defending the concept of 'therianthropy' from everyone that wants to change the definition to fit themselves into it. So, like everyone else, I'm taking a little break from it, for now. It'll just be a few days. Since I was the only one in the argument defending it, I know I can't take too much time out, lest they go on without me thinking they 'won the war'.

I am going to work on switching SO over to a better system that will allow others to post essays n shit without my direct intervention (other than approving/rejecting stuff).

Yeah, I decided to take another week off BT so I could work on personal stuff. I spent most of last week finishing off the BT Calendar. This week I need to work on more Kaerwyns and Crimson Fury's. They of course will be put on the backburner for outstanding commissions that I still owe people. I'm also going to be working on another project, a comic project, that will mostly focus on Transformation/Shifter stories, like a series of different stories housed under the same title. I'd really like some feedback on this idea, so I might start up a mailing list for it soon. The idea behind it is that people can submit stories, and if I like them, I'll draw them. The catch is, this will likely be subscription based, so I'll be treating it as a job.

All for now.

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