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Got some work done today...

Such as the BT cover for Issue #14, which will start back on Tuesday. I haven't written the script yet, but I have a strong idea of what's going to happen at least for this week, so I'm set for now. I'll probably end up writing the majority of the issue next week sometime, perhaps even tomorrow if I'm lucky.

I also worked on SO today. I had some problems with one of the themes, but the guy that made it helped me out. Nice guy, giving support on his free themes when he sells them as well. I'll hafta give him my thanks for that. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to use the XP Silver theme that I thought looked really nice on SO (Sorry to all you MS haters out there, it looks real nice on the site).

I also made this new icon! Based on the truck I painted for the BT cover. Is it not the shit? :)

All for now.

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