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Well I spent most of the night working...

...On shifters.org. Specifically I was trying to set up some people to be moderators, because postnuke can do that. Unlike, another CMS I blinded followed like a christian to insane right wing nutjobs a sheep in it's flock. Anyway, I also finally added all the entries in the encyclopedia, which people can suggest other entries or changes to current ones, unlike another CMS... SO seems to rock...

...Unless you're a firefox user, specifically those of you who did that 'make firefox faster' trick. Apparently it just "makes firefox suck faster". Firefox keeps giving me more and more reason to loathe it. People, for the love of god, get netscape, it does just about everything firefox does, without the suck! But I will say with the default firefox, I didn't have a problem at all. So it's all good as far as that's concerned, unlike the problems I had with my site, and kaerwyn, to which I had to decide on programming them for Firefox or for IE. Go figure netscape worked with both versions of the code. And you can't have two versions on the same site without heavy finagling which I found not worth it. So I chose firefox, cuz I happen to hate IE more. In any case, I can't figure out why Netscape, which runs off mozilla, can display stuff fine, but firefox still struggles. "Too many cooks" is all I can think of. So if the new SO (not publically accessable quite yet) looks funky in firefox, you know why.

And speaking of sites... looks like yerf died a hard death, or more like a hard drive death. Major suckage. You know, with my site curse (You know, shit crashes whenever I try to work on it, or blows up, like SO's machine did a few years back) it wouldn't surprize me if I somehow caused it. I'm not being serious, but I do think it's a bit of a coincidence. I was supposed to do yerf application reviews this month, but I never got the chance. I have to wonder, if I didn't get involved, would it still be up? I'd hate to think I'm bringing my curse on other people's servers and projects :P

In other news, some people on #crossroads dumped this new comic on me. It's apparently drawn by the same guy that makes Ozzie and Milly. It's at http://www.idrewthis.org . It is fucking hilarious. He portrays my thoughts on politics and current events to a "T". His latest rant is especially poignant.

I feel the need to quote some of what he said that I find particularly insightful, and true.

In doing so, they contributed to the perception, still rampant in this country, that you can go as far to the right as you want, to the point of extreme protectionism, foaming homophobia and thinly-veiled racism, and still be part of the mainstream--but if you drift to the left of a centrist like Michael Kinsley, you're an insane left-wing radical.

I don't think I can forgive Crossfire for its role in propagating that notion. I think the damage from it is going to prove persistent.

Let's look at what insane left-wing radicals like me actually want.

Universal health-care, especially for children. Environmental protection. Labor laws that give workers a fair shake. Keeping Roe V. Wade intact. Some sort of legal recognition of committed same-sex relationships.

Every one of these positions has majority support. So I'm a left-wing radical only under a very strange, contorted definition of that term. My views are very mainstream, but it's the funhouse-mirror reality of contemporary American politics that people who disagree with me, holding the minority position on all of these issues, are seen as more "normal" and "mainstream."

-D. S. Simpson

Right on, dude. Right on. I'd suggest everyone go read the rest of what he has to say, but I know Right-Wing Conservative types prefer ignorance to anything that might shake up their poor, demented viewpoint of the American lifestyle. Yes that has a term, it's called "Stupid".

I actually heard someone, who I butt heads with all the time, say he'd rather be ignorant than hear anything that might shatter his world views. This kid professes to be intelligent, and throws a little hissy fit whenever someone spits on the name of his butt buddy Bush. I can understand people who like Bush, with reasonable positions, or opinions. But the fact that this kid is unwilling to even listen to opposite viewpoints just proves he's a stupid sheeple of America. He's just as bad as people who wanted Kerry in office "just to get rid of Bush." People who otherwise knew nothing about what Kerry stood for.

This kid is also a Christian. Go figure. I must release this personal opinion because it's really eating me up inside, to the point that I will blow up on someone some day. I don't mean any disrespect to anyone, but this is just how I feel, due to the natural course of my experiences. When someone tells me they're a Christian, I feel as if they're really saying "I'm a nazi." In my following rant, I might sound like I'm refering to all Christians, but I assure you, I am not. I just don't feel like being overly specific.

I've pretty much always felt this way, as I grew up with Christian bigots and nutjobs all my life. You know the kind, the born agains that think God made the Earth in a literal 7 days. The morons that think Dinosaurs are a conspiracy. The idiots that would waste money that could be used fixing up schools on stupid stickers that remind people that "Evolution is a theory." And to approach it with the hypocritical* "open mind." But the recent influx of Christianity spouting fucktards in my life, online, and on the political scene makes me want to scream. And I say this for two reasons. I can't stand hypocritical bigotry, and I can't stand stupidity. These people are the epitomy of both.

I find it ironic that these people look down on Pagan paths, but how much blood has been spilt by pagans? Not nearly as much as those "God fearing people" who obviously have to take playing god into their own hands and slaughter innocents. Isn't that a sin? Oh but it's ok, because it would see the Christian religion is nothing more than a mask proclaiming innocence for those who are anything but, and those unwilling to even try.

Anyone notice how much hatred resides in the hearts of Christians? Isn't it funny that they try to teach love and brotherhood, but end up showing their asses to the world? Isn't it weird how Christians turn a blind eye to it? Sometimes I think these people are Christians only because they know their hearts are filled with massive amounts of hatred, and they feel Christianity gives them the chance to release it, guilt free. Murder someone? Just ask God for forgiveness and everything is okay. Christianity just seems like a machine that does nothing but spit out "Get out of Hell Free" cards, perfect for every sinful opportunity. Do these people even try to avoid sinning? Try to avoid hurting their fellow man? Hell no, they don't give two shits as long as their little slave "God" is there, ready and willing to forgive them so they don't need to worry about how often they fuck over someone else's life.

And I think I'm just about done.

*Hypocritical if you're one of these Christian morons.

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