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Friday's Fun

As some of you may know, and some of you probably don't, I had to go to the hospital on Friday :P Tuesday, I found a lump, a large, fast growing lump. By Thursday night, it had only gotten bigger. I figured it was an infection, just because it wasn't hard, and it was pretty sore, and sometimes itchy. But it was big, real big, and I was afraid it would rip open and do some worse kind of damage. The possibility of cancer also worried me somewhat.

So anyway, went to the hospital, waited. Waited s'more. Filled out paperwork. Waited. What is this, Canada? No, I have to pay $130 to wait in the US. Feh. Finally the techs call me back and get some blood and piss samples and take my weight. Then they sent me back to the waiting room. Wait. Wait. Wait. Because I'm at the OB/GYN, everyone else waiting was pregant or had a billion kids already with them. I thought it was kind of cute that all the waiting chairs were arranged in pairs. Eheh.

Finally, time to look at my lump. But sometime during the wait said lump finally ruptured through the surface and leaked. Yummeh. I told the doc "I think I found the problem." It was apparently a skin abscess. They examined it, cleaned it up, gave me a prescription, and sent me on my way. Yummeh. Went to the pharmacy, got the horse pills, went home.

Now I'm sitting here in a drugged up daze. Uath got us Filet Mignon again. So now I'm going to pig out on steak.

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