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Occassionally I feel the need to take a break from stuff and draw some 'me' art, which actually tends to be "lorelei" art, but whatever.

I upgraded her. I figured after 197 or so years, she needed a change (This is the public version of Kaerwyn btw, not the comic version, nor BT related). So I thought, after the random changes I've put her through in the public Kaerwyn, she could use a change that she liked. She's been changed into a gryphon a few times, and a winged wolf, even a dragon, and anthro dragon a couple of times (Damn generic TF plots). Anyway, she enjoyed flight. So now she has it on a more long term basis. Yay.

Now she wants to go get a large metal ring, paint it gold colored, attach it to a wire so it hangs over her head... then tell newbies on Kaerwyn that they're dead, and god gave her the job of taking their possessions, "Yanno, cuz ya won't need 'em anymore."

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