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Okay so...

About a year ago this kid comes tromping into the community trying to throw his weight around, and make himself out to be a general greymuzzle, even refered to himself as an 'elder' and proceeded to tell people to 'listen to their elders'. This kid also plagurized information from the community. He did some other things too that pissed people off, but this was the core of it. Oh, and he's got some complex about therians aren't human. -.-

Now he wants to give out free webhosting, probably the only way he'll get anyone to follow him. All he'll end up doing is taking in all the posers, especially because of his philosophy: If you not a Werecreature, Therianthrope or Otherkin then your a human and your not permited to have free web space!

Oh noes!!1 Humans can't be given webspace for they are ebil and icky and humanlike!

So anyway this poser sees that I warn a friend about his free webhosting, since the kid is psycho, and has an alpha complex, I figured my friend should know about some of the shit he's spewed. Just as other people warn their friends about me cuz I'm awful, stupid, evil, argumentative, whatever. Who cares? The kid admits to being an asshat, he should expect this. Appologies do NOT mean instant forgiveness. In this day and age an apology means NOTHING, they are just WORDS, and by the reaction of this kid, it's obvious they are EMPTY words.

Anyway, I wasn't even going to reply to him again, other than to tell him why I warned my friend. Unfortunately he bitched to my friend and on the werelist, you know, showing his ass to everyone in viewing distance. Now he's threatening to sue me.

Kid, for your information, I'm in Raleigh, not in Durham. So you're going to want to find a lawyer in Wake County. Oh and also, be sure to record the conversation, I want to hear his laughter when you tell him you want to sue me because I called you a poser.

Obviously this kid knows nothing about laws, pertaining to libel or defamation. I said nothing false about you. You and I both know it. Just because you're delusional or you want to backtrack doesn't mean what you did in the past didn't exist at all. The burden of proof is also on you to prove what I said, in that small post, was false. Son, I have the proof right here of what you said, the full extent, because you STOLE from us, I could have used it against YOU. So I'd suggest you stop with the worthless threats. What I said about you is within my first amendment rights, which was neither libel, nor slander. It was the truth, if you can't handle that, then I suggest you try to get out of the "business".

I look forward to when my lawyer speaks with yours about your inability to take a comment in a LJ. That will be worth the $50/hr consultation.

Idiot.* (Note, things that are insulting or offensive do not count under the US terms of "libel" or "slander")

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